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Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen, use over 100 years of Scandinavian knowledge and design to supply a range of innovative garments manufactured from the finest materials and constructed to the highest standards that combat the most extreme work and weather conditions.

Helly Hansen introduced the 3 layer system to the industry 50 years ago and have been constantly pushing and introducing new technologies to improve the gear enabling you to stay safe, comfortable and protected from whatever weather working conditions you re exposed to, heat, cold, rain or snow. 

The extensive range includes a large variety of Headwear, Base Layers, Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Fleeces, Softshells, Trousers, Waterproofs, Weatherproof Jackets, Hi Vis Clothing , Flame Retardant and Footwear products.

Helly Hansen Base Layers are constructed from Lifa, which we believe is the best moisture management technology available, is the starting point for the best moisture management system in any condition. When you work hard, our base layer ventilates excessive heat and transports moisture away from the skin into the next layer of clothing and your body stays warm and dry. Lifa is  an ultra-light weight base layer fabric that works perfectly in Autumn and Winter. Lifa delivers light insulation and moisture management through its 100% single layer Lifa fibres. The Lifa technology works best when layered under another garment, as the more garments you wear, the further the sweat and moisture will be transported out of the fabric and away from your skin.

Helly Hansen thermal Midlayers keeps you warm and comfortable. It traps air and insulates against cold while ventilating heat and allowing moisture to pass through to the outer layer and keeps you in the comfort zone.

Helly Hansen protective layer with Helly Tech waterproof and breathable fabric protects against rain and wind while allowing excess moisture to evaporate through the pores of the outer layer enabling your body to stay warm and dry. Helly Tech is constructed with Polymer Polyurethane ( PU ) based menbranes and coating technologies. The PU membrane gives softness and stretch to the fabric, while the coating allows waterproof and breathable qualities.

Helly Hansen use the finest materials in the construction of their garments and work extensively with :

3M is a pioneer in developing the science behind retroflection and has been advancing technology in new and groundbreaking ways for over 70 years.

POLARTEC a manufacturer of lightweight and warm fleece, which is known for performance, durability and aesthetics. Main benefits in using POLARTEC are warmth without high additional weight, high breathability and fast drying properties.

CORDURA fabrics are made to last and are the perfect combination of durability, versatility and reliability. For over 40 years people have relied on CORDURA fabrics to be as rugged as they are.

PRIMALOFT is a synthetic insulation technology and the world’s best down alternative. It offers superior thermal properties with excellent water repellency. It is made up of ultra fine fibres that form air pockets to trap heat inside, and an additional feature is its super softness.

YKK ZIPS for high quality fasteners for all purposes. YKK is a Japanese company and their products are sold worldwide and is reputed as the industry leader for quality and innovation.

VIBRAM the worlds leading manufacture of quality reliable footwear soles.

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