Thee people in a building site smile at each other. Two of them shake hands and the third holds a clipboard. They are all wearing relevant workwear outfit and safety helmets.
Three men and two women gather round a table and look to be discussing relevant matters. They are all wearing appropriate corporate clothing.

We have existed under a variety of names for well over 100 years and the changes we have undergone reflect our ambitions to continue to evolve and progress to meet the challenges of an ever changing marketplace.

Allison Gray were a Dundee based Workwear and PPE supplier who acquired the Woodstains & a Paint business RC Stiven to form Allison & Stiven. We have expanded this company to now include a Hygiene Supplies division.

With the addition of an online shopping experience, STIVEN ONLINE, for the convenience and benefit of our customers, STIVEN have again made progress in meeting customer expectations and needs.

It’s a new name but we still provide a reliable dedicated personal service, combining the best in quality, price and service.

Based in Dundee in a modern 20,000 square foot unit which encompasses a showroom which is open to all, we offer a comprehensive range of superb products from some of the world’s most trusted brands.